About Us

ProMatch Mission

ProMatch engages Silicon Valley professionals to obtain connections, resources, information, education and encouragement necessary to be in a proactive and successful job search

ProMatch is a powerful networking program for unemployed Silicon Valley professionals. The program currently averages about 150 active members and a waiting time of approximately one month to join.

Membership requires that individuals contribute time to the program by bringing their talent, professional expertise, and technical savvy to help run the program.


  • facilitate workshops on every aspect of the professional job-search process;
  • run all of the meetings that keep the process running smoothly;
  • foster small-group success teams; and
  • maintain connections with alumni to leverage the knowledge and skills of former participants.

ProMatch promotes a sense of hope and empowerment to individual members. Members join this network of individuals and serve as each other’s eyes and ears for job leads and other opportunities.

ProMatch is a collaboration between EDD and the NOVAworks Job Center.