One ProMatcher’s experience “…so much more than a networking group.”

I can’t thank you enough for the life changing opportunity you gave me yesterday. Thank you for thinking of me and selecting me for your Brain Storming session. Though I’m not able to confirm it yet, I strongly suspect that I left the campus yesterday a different person; certainly there are seeds germinating.
At last week’s General Meeting I told Bob something like ProMatch was like Miracle Grow, how I felt like I’d been put in a new flower pot with lots of it. At another meeting, or maybe in a workshop, I told someone every time I’m here (on campus), I get something more . . . (another addition of wisdom, a new knowledge deposit). This Brain Storming however, is something much more and far beyond what I could have conceived. To be the recipient of so much support, support relative to my needs, potentially an amount of support that could help heal mend and restore my broken heart and activate wings I either forgot or didn’t know I had.
The priceless powerful experience you gave me felt like an “opportunity” explosion! It was sooooo amazing . . . I’ll continue to digest it. To have an opportunity like the one you gave me, to receive so much support, so soon, so much genuine kindness in words, and suggestions, and even hugs (!) from several people – in addition to Rosie’s, I was blown away! Thank you seems inadequate.
The combination of yesterday’s Brain Storming session coupled with the power of witnessing live Success Stories was like a quadruple boost of inspiration.
Here is a result of my ProMatch experience thus far ProMatch Is . . .
• So much more than a “networking” group . . .
• A place like no other. Where the members see you, accept you unconditionally without judgement, respect you, embrace you, and honor you.
• A unique transformational experience that is as diverse as its members because everyone’s journey is different.
• A safe space.
• A pure place.
• A refuge.
• A rich and enriching environment with the intention of and design to enhance and cultivate a Job Seeker’s Best Self – in ways they couldn’t imagine.
• Job Search Seeker Rehab/Boot Camp.
• Support. Support. SUPPORT.
• Encouragement to:
o Sign-up – for new roles and responsibilities, enroll in workshops
o Show-up – get here and be as present as you can
o Step-up – out of your comfort zone taking advantage of opportunities, even and especially if you think you can’t (Anthony Robbins would say, “If you can’t, then you must!”) . . . helping hands are at the ready should you need them
• An environment with an atmosphere of possibility and hope (I felt it from the very beginning, including the Orientation).
• RoBoCon . . . Rosie Bob Connie – Job Search Seeker Whisperers with special gifts of spunk and spirit and heart and presence and calm and insight and wisdom and career counseling expertise . . . who hear assess act nudge encourage and also orchestrate job search interventions – aka Brain Storming sessions!

Thank you all for confirmation of my new ProMatch journey.

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