Mercury News headline: Time to challenge Silicon Valley’s youth premium

I spoke with Mercury News reporter Michelle Quinn for this article. The key points she summarized from what I shared with her were (some my words, some hers):
“Companies, of course, benefit by having employees with a wide age range. Older workers often bring the so-called “soft skills,” such as how to work well with a wide range of people, how to problem solve and how to build a team. They also tend to know themselves well and what it takes to get a project done, according to job counselors. The negative stereotype of the older worker is a tired, unmotivated, middle-aged worker who is lagging in tech skills and grumpy toward tattooed and pierced millennials — not necessarily a fair assessment, but typical of the stereotypes society perpetuates. ”
“”People come to us all the time, beaten down, afraid, intimidated,” said Robert Withers, a career counselor at Nova Workforce Development, a federally funded career counseling organization in Silicon Valley. “We know there is age discrimination, and we know it’s possible to counter it in places you want to work.”
Recently, a client of his, a woman over 50, was hired by Google.”
What do you think?

Check out the article by Michelle Quinn here:

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