A powerful TED Talk for job seekers

I was profoundly impacted by the research Amy Cuddy has done at Harvard University on the notion of how we actually change our physiology simply by changing our body posture, and the ways that this can dramatically change our interactions with ourselves and others.

She and her research team tested her research with job candidates going through the interview process and the results were compelling: Those candidates who tried the postures recommended by her research in advance of their interviews had positive outcomes.

I have shared this TED Talk with ProMatchers for the past couple of years but recently ran into a former ProMatcher who tried it with a client who was lacking confidence. She put the knowledge to work and went on to get an upgrade in her job title, more money, and the job she wanted. When you are thinking about what you can do this year to further your confidence and ability to get that perfect job, raise, relationship, why not take this on?


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