Evaluate your “Job Search IQ”

Your résumé – is it marketing you effectively? Does your résumé have real evidence (like PSRs) as to why you should be hired for a particular job, or do you just have “claims” that anyone could write? Take the resume and accomplishments workshops at NOVA and ProMatch.

How about your voice mail and email. Are they professional or “cute” or “sexy” or “funny”?
Do they market you as a professional, or something else?

Do you have a professional job–hunting business card? Present yourself with several key skills that market you well and the type of position you are seeking. Include, phone, email and LinkedIn customized url. Some people add a QR code linking to their website – something to think about.

Is your LinkedIn profile updated to show that you are current in your profession and industry? Take the LinkedIn workshops at NOVA and ProMatch.

Are you networking on a regular basis – through LinkedIn, attending meet-ups and other networking events? Making and maintaining connections is critical to an effective job search. Tell everyone you are looking but don’t ask them for a job! Take the networking workshops at NOVA and ProMatch to help you perfect your connection skills.

335 ProMatchers reported new jobs during 2014 – what do you need to do to get a job in 2015?

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