Don’t send your resume to the “black hole”!

A former ProMatcher shared this great story –
“I recently applied for an advertised PR job in San Jose. The description was well-written and it matched my background very well. I have all of the minimum required job qualifications. I followed the online instructions. The employer’s website was very efficient. Within a couple of hours, I had an answer back: “ … thanks but you missed our minimum requirements.”
That message reminded me that I’d violated one of my own cardinal rules: never respond directly to HR when the hiring entity is known (it was). Write to the entity (a person) first and cc the HR office. Since I’m old and feisty enough not to care about doing it backwards now and then, I ignored the declination and fired off an e-mail to the departmental VP with a note to the effect that I can and do fulfill all requirements and that I have applied, etc., etc., resume’ enclosed. That generated a note back from the VP telling me thanks and that if I’d applied, then they’d respond if there was interest (which, of course, they already had!). End of story. Oh, well.
Hours later, I received a note from HR that they were “very interested” in speaking to me about the position and would I please call their in-house recruiter. Making the call, I was invited in for an interview with the recruiter and her boss. Evidently, the VP sent my note down with a “refer to” message. That’s a gift I won’t forget and a reminder not to violate that cardinal rule. I may or may not get the position, but I did get a nice little ego stroke. It says to me, once again, never, never take shortcuts in the application process.”
Enough said?

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