80% — The key to your job search

It is widely reported that 80% of all jobs are obtained through networking.

An ABC News report in 2012 first reported this figure and it seems to hold as true today as it did then.

In an online posting, “Recruiting Blogs,” Bob McIntosh wrote:

“Smart jobseekers attend networking events consisting of jobseekers, business owners, professional associations, meet-ups, etc. However, networking events are not smart jobseekers’ only, or even major, source of networking. They also utilize their rich network of former colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, and others; or start the building process … and keep it going once they’ve landed a job.”

Many experts will tell you that companies want to hire from within first; only when there are no appropriate internal candidates will they rely on referrals from employees (who get a bonus for a successful hire) and people who approach them through informational meetings. The latter category of jobseekers (you) have the benefit of getting known before the job is “officially posted.”

80% — that should encourage you to ramp up your networking.

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