Contingency staffing: Is it right for you?

You’ve probably noticed that many companies are hiring through contracts these days.  What can that mean for you?

Advantages? Disadvantages?
Your career expectations redefined?
Negotiating — salary and compensation, W2 or 1099 — your tax situation?
Long-term security?
Working situation, environment?

An article in “The Staffing Stream” by Jim Link (October 12, 2012) states:

“…during this most recent economic recovery, there has been a fundamental shift in the way companies are hiring. Employers today are learning that keeping a segment of their workforce as ‘permanent’ temporary personnel is just as essential as an IT or finance department. This new way of using contingent staffing is helping companies grow with confidence while providing essential support to manage current workloads.”

This is just as true today as it was then.

ProMatch is presenting a workshop on June 3, “The Contingent Workforce,” with guest speaker Michael Schneider of Top Mavens, to educate our members on this topic.